About Us
Bright’s Nursery is a family-owned business started by Arthur Bright in the 1930’s
with 4 – 22ft rows of almonds. He picked up almonds in the orchard to plant for
rootstock. When the nursery matured he sold the trees to a Merced nursery for
$226.00 and paid $26.00 to the property owners for rent.

He credits his father Rubin; Fred W. Anderson a plant propagator and orchardist ;
nurseryman Wm. (Bill) Kirkman and other valley nurseries for helping him in the

The farming and nursery prospered with good years and bad as it seemed farm
products would carry the operation when nursery sales were down and the nursery
when farming prices were down.

In the 70’s foreman and long time nursery manager Sid Harding, found some hybrid
seedlings in the nursery rows and Arthur started testing the resulting trees in
orchards and was happy with the trees. Arthur started to grow seed orchard with
almond and peach varieties interplanted. The resulting almond crop was planted to
get the hybrid rootstock and the peaches for peach rootstock.

Sons James, Ed, and Bill graduated from Cal-Poly, San Luis Obispo and worked
into the farm operation as they finished school. When Bill graduated his older
brothers were managing the farming operations so he worked into manager of the
nursery and became President when Arthur partially retired about 1980. Like their
farther, Bill and his brothers are innovators and have helped the nursery, orchard
and farming to prosper.

Daughter Virginia is now a welcome addition to the office staff after a successful
business career including 12 years as Controller of a large business.

At Bright’s Nursery we are a family owned business committed to providing our
customers with the best trees and service possible.
About Our Business